Welcome, peaceful leader

Hi there, I’m Maya and I come in peace.

I have SO much to share with you, in terms of seeking (and attaining) our collective and personal peace.

I write about urgent issues and important causes, and about the people who do the hard work to champion them.

I also pull from my multifaceted experience, to share what counts in service of those issues and causes.

How multifaceted, you ask? Well, I’ve lived and worked on 3 continents. I’ve also studied, and volunteered or worked in, the areas of:

  • marketing, advertising and public relations

  • business strategy and management

  • technology and user experience design

  • biology and environmentalism

  • culture and the performing arts

  • personal development, spirituality and the healing arts

  • civic affairs and global citizenship

All this curiosity hasn’t killed this cat, yet. 🤞😊

Instead, it’s shown me that:

“Peace is not something you wish for; it's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.” - Robert Fulghum

My own journey to peace has been, and will continue to be I’m sure, filled with twists and turns.

Such is the nature of

  • the human experience

  • our experiments in building cohesive institutions, societies and worlds

  • learning and knowing more about ourselves and each other

And yes, it just so happens we’re living in a way too harsh and chaotic world out there (and, likely, in you) right now, than is healthy, good, or sustainable.

So I’ll return soon, with more thoughts on my big WHY for this newsletter, and how it can make your life and work a little more peaceful - inside and out.

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In peace,

Maya Mathias